St. Charles Herald-Guide

Occupying Wall St. not helpful

Allen Lottinger - November 23, 2011

Protests that have been going on in big cities around the country are a waste of time and energy.

Participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement should instead form organizations to peacefully lead the way to a better life for all, if they have the answer.

By forming groups that can promote changes in the way of governing life in our country, they test the field to find out if their proposals have enough support to count.

If not, perhaps changes can be made to make them more acceptable.

Finally, if they come up with a plan for better life under our democracy, they should get candidates for office to adopt them as part of their platforms and build their campaigns around them.

Thatís the way democracy should work.

Blocking traffic and bringing noise to the streets does not improve the country at all. It only stirs up the others around town to turn against them which doesnít help them achieve their aims.

We suspect that many of the protestors donít even know what they are supporting. They are just joining in because so many others are doing it.

But when you figure that there are many times more who are not protesting, one needs to realize he is in the minority. And in our country, the majority rules.

Hopefully the "Occupy" movement will dissolve into a more positive protest where people try to satisfy their gripes in a more civilized manner.

In a democracy, their protests should end up in the voting booths.

And getting them there is best done by meeting with others peacefully to discuss and promote any changes that should be made.

It is the way our government has worked in the past and should continue doing in the future.

It does not require an occupation of Wall Street to achieve.