St. Charles Herald-Guide

Giving thanks

Our View - November 23, 2011

Despite the complaints we hear from people every day, there are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Here in St. Charles, we have a wonderful landscape filled with trees and wetlands that beautify our surroundings. The greatest river in the world runs right through us, bringing ocean-going ships right past our doorsteps and industries that make use of it here to benefit our economy.

We have good schools and effective government that make living easy. Our state has benefitted from our wealth of natural resources and the waterways that aid our navigation and make us the biggest producer of commercial fish in the country.

Though the election campaign just past may have sounded like we were in bad shape, it just isnít so. Our country has helped lead the rest of the world into this modern age that offers people the means of providing for their own livelihoods and helping others in need.

We are part of a miracle that exists today, made up with people of many types and beliefs that live together in peace for the most part.

And as we partake of our Thanksgiving dinner, we thank our Maker that we are here to enjoy the many aspects of our lives that have provided us with so many joyous occasions.