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Marino elected Clerk of Court

Michelle Stuckey - November 23, 2011

St. Charles will have a new clerk of court next year after run-off elections were held last weekend.

Norco resident and past Parish Councilman Lance Marino beat out incumbent Charlie Oubre with 52 percent of the vote.

"I was very happy to win, and thankful for my family and my supporters," Marino said. "I know the voters who supported me are looking forward to change and having me update the clerks office."

Oubre has been clerk of court since 1978, during which time he integrated the first computers into the office and tripled the size of the staff.

A big concern for Oubre during his campaign was protecting his employees, some of whom have been with the office for 20 years or more. Marino said he values the employees and that he will also protect them.

"The employees should not be concerned - of course those who are doing their jobs well and for so long have nothing to be worried about," Marino said. "I need their experience."

Marino ran on a platform of modernizing the office and making it more efficient. Fenwick Swann III, a third candidate during the October election, ran on a similar platform and Marino said he hoped to pick up some support from parishioners who voted for Swann.

During the October election, Marino and Oubre were separated by a mere 56 votes.

On Saturday, Marino received about 500 more votes than Oubre.

Residents also elected Gregory Miller as the new state representative for District 56 during Saturday’s polling. Miller beat out G. "Ram" Ramachandran during the run-off election with 61 percent of the votes.

During the October elections, Miller was only 110 votes short of winning the election.

"Hurricane protection, accountability in government and fighting corruption are still the most important issues," Miller said. "I look forward to representing the people of this district."

Also elected on Saturday was Kira Orange Jones for the BESE District 2 seat. Jones received 65 percent of the vote.

Randal Gaines won the seat for state representative for District 56 by an overwhelming 72 percent of votes against "Russ" Wise.

Troy E. Brown was elected State Senator for District 2 with 61 percent of the vote against Elton M. Aubert.

Also on the ballot was a constitutional amendment that will prohibit the levy of new taxes or fees upon the sale or transfer of immovable property after Nov. 30 of this year.

Parishioners had their voice heard with 81 percent voting for the new amendment.