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Senator NOT running for governor

C.B. Forgotston -   Sep 08, 2011

Today, State Senator Rob Marionneaux broke his silence and announced that he is NOT running for governor of Louisiana.
While we werenít told what else Marionneaux is NOT going to do, his announcement has brought pressure on me to announce what I am NOT going to do.

Making a decision of what one is NOT going to do is NOT something one takes lightly.

After NOT conferring with my family, friends and supporters I have reached a final decision about what I am NOT going to do.

Among the many things that I am NOT going to do, I am NOT going be a candidate for governor in this fallís election.

I know that this decision will NOT be a surprise to anyone, but neither was Marionneauxís. However, my failure to announce what I was NOT going to do has prevented others from announcing what they are NOT going to do.

This decision to NOT run should NOT be interpreted as I have ruled out future consideration of NOT running for political office.

Finally, I will NOT be accepting requests for interviews from the media about my decision NOT to run. Iíve already taken too much time away from my primary focus. As such, I intend to get back to the business of deciding what else I am NOT going to do.

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