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Movin’ on up... from cluttered cages to kitty oondo
Shelter cats sittin’ pretty in new playroom
Heather R. Breaux -   Sep 21, 2006

The cats are able to get to the outside room via this cat ladder that leads to a small wall opening.
Photo by Heather R. Breaux
The cats are able to get to the outside room via this cat ladder that leads to a small wall opening.

The St. Charles Parish Humane Society has gone to great lengths to ensure that the cats who are brought to their shelter can check in with style by creating a space that allows the furry felines to roam freely.

The innovative room, painted a brilliant turquoise, was designed in correlation with the fact that most cats are claustrophobic, and a spacious environment provides for a healthier and happier animal.

Carpeted scratching posts that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, customized with staggered ledges, present the cats with several options to choose from when window watching or napping.

The feline alcove also houses an abundance of entertaining toys and comfy nooks, and is crowned with double cat walks that span the total length of two of the walls.

These exercise tracks are designed to give the kitties a bird’s eye view of the area.

In addition to all its accessories, the indoor playground conjointly provides a walkway into the outside world for those toms who need a breath of fresh air.

Up a ladder and through one of two small wall openings, the cats are tempted by nature to travel into a specially covered outdoor flat framed by wood and chicken wire.

This outhouse encompasses the same great features as the indoor room, including plenty of food and water, and an extra large litter box.

For those who are in the market to adopt a cat, the shelter’s new room provides a space that allows potential owners the opportunity to interact with the animals and witness first-hand the felines’ distinct personalities to make a perfect match.

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