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Outrageous: Pit bulls found starving, scarred and wounded, say cops
St. Rose man lands behind bars on animal cruelty charge
Heather R. Breaux -   Sep 21, 2006

Rodney Smith, 39, St. Rose
Rodney Smith, 39, St. Rose

On Sept. 11, officers for the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office arrested and charged Rodney Smith with two counts of cruelty to animals on a warrant that was issued in late August.

Smith, a 39-year-old resident of 461 4th St. in St. Rose, was found to be in possession of five Pit bull terriers that were housed in poor conditions.

According to the public information officer for the Sheriff's Special Services Department, Capt. Yoes, the warrant was issued after parish workers passed by the residence and noticed the unfit conditions the Pit bulls were in.

The workers notified the Sheriff's office and the dogs were seized by officers and transported to the parish's animal shelter where a staff veterinarian evaluated their health.

The animal shelter's report stated that the dogs were underweight, scarred and had open wounds on various areas of their bodies.

One of the Pit bulls was the carrier of a flea infestation that ultimately caused two serious skin conditions known as allergic dermatitis, which causes severe itching, and pyoderma, an inflammatory skin disease.

Pyoderma is the second most common inflammatory skin disease for dogs, and this bacteria infection is usually a result of a type of Staphylococcus bacteria that infects the flea bite.

Pyoderma often appears as a rash with pus-filled pimples or blood-filled blisters, and animals that develop allergic dermatitis usually contract pyoderma.

The sheriff's office also reported that three of the dogs were found to be dehydrated and stated that Smith failed to have the Pit bulls properly registered in accordance with parish guidelines.

After the veterinarian's evaluation, the animal shelter determined that the dogs were not adoptable and they were euthanized.

Smith was released the day of arrest after posting $200, 10 percent of the $2000 bond that was originally set.

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