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Easter brings us hope for a better world

Our View -   Apr 21, 2011

Now that the traditional revelry of Carnival and the serious reflections of Lent have just about past, the hopeful season of Easter is upon us. It gives inspiration that the future can be what we make of it.

Lent has given us time to think about our failures and how we can improve on the past. We hopefully have determined how we can create better lives for ourselves and others and learned how our earth can become a better place on which to live.

Today is Holy Thursday when Jesus bade farewell to his apostles and his betrayal began. Tomorrow is Good Friday when he was executed by many who did not recognize the good that his preachings would produce.
He was then laid in a tomb as his saddened believers stood watch over it. Until . . .

Easter morning when his body rose from the dead to the bewilderment of his people. It was a miracle that has stood the test of time and made believers in the fact that mankind can arise and steer its own destiny by what it does here on earth.

Yes, Easter is a very spiritual season and one that has inspired many to do what is right in the world and avoid the evil that can destroy the good that exists. May we focus our attention this Easter Season on how we can help ourselves and others to make this the kind of place Jesus wanted it to be.

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