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More than 500 jobs listed by FEMA
Openings in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana
Staff Report -   Aug 31, 2006

NEW ORLEANS - Human resources officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) report that more than 500 additional jobs will be available for Louisiana residents to help with the recovery of the state from the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

At full staff, the agency expects to have a workforce of about 1,300 employees. About 750 jobs have either been filled or have offers pending. All other jobs are open.

"We are putting together a talented, diverse staff," said Phyllis Allison, director of human resources for FEMA's Transitional Recovery Office in Louisiana. "Our jobs have good pay and excellent benefits, including paid vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, paid overtime and retirement benefits." All jobs are two year appointments with a possible extension.

Job openings include many housing-related positions, staff support, field work, office work and other positions related to disaster recovery. Workers might be on foot one day and at a desk the next day. The work is always interesting.

FEMA is highly regarded as a multi-cultural employer. A typical FEMA work team might have men and women of many cultures, ages and physical abilities. "The thing they all have in common is a desire to help their neighbors recover from disaster," said Allison.

To view the job listings and apply for a job, visit You will need to follow the directions carefully to have your application considered. There are several important steps. To be offered a job, each applicant must do all of the following:

·Provide your Social Security number.

·Indicate the posting number for the job.

·State your preferred location if the job offers a choice.

·Write your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-this essay is known as a KSA. It is an explanation of your specific work experience, education and skills related to the job. This document forms the basis of your rating for the job.

·Pass a suitability and background check including FBI fingerprint check.

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