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Proposed boat launch would be an asset

Our View -   Nov 11, 2010

With three-fourths of St. Charles Parish being wetlands, it is understandable why a lot of citizens would want a first class boat launching ramp where it has been planned on U. S. 90 near the Davis Freshwater Diversion.

Thereís a lot to see and do here that one cannot access on foot or from a car.

The planned project would be built on some 13 acres. It would have five double-ended launch sites, parking for cars, two pavilions, a stage, bait shop and three restrooms. It would certainly add to the enjoyable outdoor atmosphere of our west bank, somewhat similar to what Wetland Watchers Park off Airline Highway gives to the east bank.

Since the opening of the Davis Diversion Project, Lake Catouatchie just south of the projected launch site has become one of the best fresh water fishing spots in the nation due to the influx of fresh water from the Mississippi River. It could attract many fishing rodeos to St. Charles that would open the door to the spectacular beauty that our "parish of plenty" bears.

Our parish budget, however, did not provide the funds needed for construction during the coming year. Itís tight and the project was pushed aside by the council to make way for necessities.

Hopefully the launch will not be forgotten as the economy improves. In the long run, it could very well pay for itself by the business it attracts to St. Charles from sportsmen and tourists who want to take advantage of what this beautiful water wonderland can provide.

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