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Dreaded season not over yet

Our View -   Oct 07, 2010

Here it is October and hurricane season is still with us. But, judging from the weather this week and last, one could never tell.

The 50 to 60-degree nights have been delightful to experience physically as it makes us feel a bit safer from tropical weather. But stand guard because temperatures are scheduled to creep up higher in the days ahead. And we all know that many a mean one has struck our shores in October.

This was expected to be an active hurricane season and it has been. But fortunately for us so far, most of the paths have been in the Atlantic with a couple south of us into Mexico.

But we’re looking forward to the end of it November 30 when we can all relax and enjoy the leaves of fall, whether they are whipped up by innocent breezes of soaked with heavy rain. Without a ferociious eye behind it, fall weather can be a pleasure.

We’ll then be able to breathe easier in the non-hurricane season. But, for the time being, keep prepared.

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