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Jindal talks here, delivers own baby

Allen Lottinger -   Aug 17, 2006

When Cong. Bobby Jindal finished his very enlightening talk at the St. Charles Rotary Club meeting last week, he announced that his wife was expecting a baby.

Boy, was he right. She delivered Tuesday morning on the bathroom floor. Jindal was awakened early that day when his wife exclaimed, “This baby is coming now!”

He jumped out of bed and delivered the 8-lb. 3-oz. boy himself at 3:25 a. m. He tied the umbilical cord with a shoe string before the medics he had called could get there.
But back to his talk, which is the subject of this column. He gave us some very interesting ideas on our educational and health care systems, two items that are foremost in the minds of voters these days. Parent support is needed for good education of children and good health care should be sought for gainfully-employed workers as well as those too lazy to work.

Congressmen such as Bill Jefferson, whose office was invaded by the FBI for evidence of malfeasance in public office, should not be immune to rules that apply to the general public in enforcement of the laws. If it is okay for ordinary citizens, it should be okay for congressmen, too.

Freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion which some believe applies to everything in government. He said Congress always starts the day off with a prayer.

Jindal is very much against illegal immigration. He thinks our catch and release policies are wrong.

The congressman’s major emphasis lately has been in trying to secure a greater share of offshore oil royalties for Louisiana to help restore its coast. His bill to provide the state with 50 percent of offshore royalty beyond the three-mile state limit passed easily in the House but was torn apart in the Senate which offered the state a portion of the royalty on only new production which would not provide any money until 2017. By then, Louisiana’s coast will have all but disappeared.

After the September recess, Congress will bargain over the two bills and the congressman will be fighting for a satisfactory settlement.

Jindal is undoubtedly seeking greater things. He is expected to declare for governor in the next election. In that position, he could offer a whole new outlook to our state.

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