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Nice guys don't have to finish last

Special to the Herald-Guide -   Dec 25, 2008

Leo Durocher, a legend of his time as a baseball player and manager, once said, "Nice guys finish last."

In the '40's and '50's, he had a reputation of being tough and would do anything to win.† That mentality has been handed down from generation to generation with a few exceptions.†

Two coaches, who I know, are contrary to Mr. Durocher's rule. They are Stephen Robichaux, the football coach at Destrehan High School and Tim Detillier, the coach at Lutcher High School.†

Both are local products who have handled their jobs with enthusiasm and with a concern for their staff and each player.† Yes, nice guys can finish first and be a credit to their school and community.†

As I followed the State High School Football Championships played at the Superdome, I thought, "Only 10 teams make it and two are from the River Parishes!"†

When the games were over and five teams were declared champions, Destrehan and Lutcher were crowned the best in their class.

The Destrehan Wildcats defeated West Monroe 14-3 to claim its second state championship in a row and extended its winning streak to 29 games.† My congratulations to Coach Robichaux, his staff, the team, the school, and the community!† Not bad for a nice guy.†

Tim Detillier and the Bulldogs are another success story.† Their championship last weekend, a 17-0 win over Notre Dame, was their third in six years.† Not bad for a coach some people wanted to fire before the season in 2003.† I have a closer relationship with him than I do with Stephen.† I've never seen a coach more concerned about each player on his team and who also has an excellent relationship with his staff.†

Iím throwing out compliments for a job well done to anyone connected with these teams, but let's not forget Tim's wife, Wanda and Stephen's wife, Tammy.† For nice men to be winners, they need the support of exceptional wives.

With that said, I send my best wishes to the Robichaux's and the Detillier's during this Holiday Season.† May your families be blessed with continued good health, joy and peace!

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