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Louisiana, Florida coasts quite different

Allen Lottinger -   July 10, 2008

After a few days at Grand Isle, Ye Publisher and his wife went to a press meeting in Sandestin, FL last week. We figured it would allow us to make a good comparison between the prime Louisiana beach site and the premier Florida panhandle resort. And there was quite a difference.

We drove along U. S. 90 to view the effects of Hurricane Katrina along the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf coasts. The Rigolets seemed completely recovered from post-storm problems.

And then we crossed Bay St. Louis to Pass Christian where the difference was stark.

Most of the old homes along that stretch that existed before were gone. Extensive work was being done on restoring the beach and highway. Crews were working feverishly in our neighboring state to make things right.

We stayed on the bay at Sandestin which has a very lively shopping and entertainment area. For the holiday weekend, it was quite crowded. Of course, Grand Isle has nothing like that - - the shopping or the people.

Then we went to the beach and settled down in chairs in front of the Hilton Hotel. And it was nothing like Grand Isle.

When you sit on the beach at Grand Isle, you can look at the waves coming in, the birds flying, the fish jumping and the crabs crawling along the sand.

Where we were at Sandestin, we could only see hundreds of chairs and umbrellas and people. No comparison. We’ll gladly take our cajun paradise.

The sand is prettier and  the water clearer. And we’re sure there are places where your view of the Gulf is not so marred by the people who fill the crowded beaches in tourist areas.

But Sandestin is a delightful resort. If you want to shop, there are hundreds of stores in which to do so. If you want to ride a bike, there are many paths where you have complete control.

Charter boats are plentiful. You can fly in the air on a balloon pulled by tow boats and you can bask in the surf undisturbed by the hundreds along the beach.

They are two different types of resorts - - Grand Isle and Sandestin. But both of them can bring their own enjoyment and relaxation in their own ways.

Bush should attend the Olympics

Pres, George Bush is within his rights to attend the Olympics in China. It is an international competition and the United State should be completely involved, athletically and politically.

Some have said he should stay away but he needs to go and make a statement that America is part of the world community. His presence can only help inspire thoughts of democracy to that communist nation. And while there, he can talk to other political leaders who can help bring unity to a world torn apart by terror.

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