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Employment shortage or not?

Our View -   Jun 26, 2008

All over the country, the cries and woes of financial difficulties echo from almost every corner. Rising gas prices, grocery bills, and home foreclosures bring to the forefront news that the economy is in trouble - or is it?

Debates are still ongoing as to whether or not the nation is headed for, or is already in, a recession.

More importantly, while most people donít pay attention to issues unless it impacts them directly, how concerned should parish residents be about the state of the economy?
In St. Charles Parish from 2001-2007 the annual totals for unemployment show that their are jobs but there arenít workers to fill them.

For the last six years, the parish of plenty has been good to most residents.

According to information from the U. S. Census Bureau, the average median income for one person in the parish is $48,000 annually.† This is not to say that people living in our parish arenít feeling the pains of and the shock of grocery and gas prices.†

Developers continue to move into the parish in the hopes of patching holes in the declining housing market that experienced financeers believe will come to an end in 2009. Shopping centers have set their sights on the ideal commercial opportunities along Interstate Highway 3127.† As the parish continues to grow economically, we can all become complacent in the fact that weíre doing okay. With more job opportunities coming to the parish, it can only boost our economy and continue to keep our area on the lighter side of the darker hours that could loom ahead, especially if the gas prices continue to rise.

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