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Ace Hardware associate nationally recognized for work after Katrina

Staff Report -   May 11, 2006

Ace Hardware associate nationally recognized for work after Katrina

Destrehan, La. - In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’ s devastation, many local residents turned to Anthony’s Ace Hardware for help in rebuilding their homes and lives. However, if it weren't for the dedication and resolve of employee Leslie Lauman, those residents would have found a “closed" sign instead of a welcome mat.

"Leslie always listened to customers and assisted them with all of their needs, but she set herself apart after Hurricane Katrina blew through," said Brian Tobin, owner of Anthony's Ace Hardware." After the hurricane, neither I nor the managers could get to the store. Leslie came to check for damages and found that customers desperately needed to repair their homes.

"She opened the store in a time of emergency and continued to work alone for a week until we could send in relief," added Tobin.

In recognition of all that she did to enhance the image of this member of the Ace Hardware cooperative as "the helpful place," Ace honored Lauman as the top-performing retail associate in the country. Dan Prochaska, vice president of the supply chain for Ace Hardware led a surprise “prize patrol” presenting Lauman with $500 in cash, an engraved Ace watch and a display plaque at on Saturday, April 29. Tobin also matched Ace Hardware Corp.’s gift of $500 to Lauman.

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