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THANK YOU St. charles Parish
Heather R. Breaux -   Jan 10, 2008

Herald-Guide Christmas fund helps family who lost everything

When Orvette Smithís home in New Sarpy was completely destroyed by a fire in early December, we at the Herald-Guide decided that his family - which included 10 children - deserved to be the recipient of our Childrenís Christmas Fund.

The 50-year-old house was built by Smithís father and over the years had been called home by four families.

Smith said that the 9-bedroom house may be replaced, but the familyís memories and history wonít.

And although money can never make up for what the Smith family has lost, we figured that a little extra cash wouldnít hurt.

The start of the 2007 fundraiser was slower than expected. Donations trickled in here and there, but nothing really made a dent in our collect jar.

We decided to set up shop in front the doors of the Boutte Wal-Mart and thatís when things really started to look up.

The Childrenís Christmas Fund raised a total of $408.51, our publishers matched the donations and the Herald-Guide was able to present the Smith family with a check for $817.02.

I would like to first thank Wal-Mart manager Edward Ferguson for giving us the opportunity to fundraise at his store.

Giving the Smith family such a large donation would not have been possible without Fergusonís help.

A big thank you also goes out the following businesses who allowed us to place collection jars in their stores: Hartmanís True Value, Vous Salon & Spa, The Basketry, Roussellís Jewelers, Car Quest and Destrehan Discount Pharmacy.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you the residents of St. Charles Parish who made contributions.

It is your compassion for others and spirit of giving that allows the Herald-Guide to help others. Thank You.

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