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Heather R. Breaux BLOG

Heather R. Breaux -   Dec 06, 2007

MY ORBS. This authentic picture was taken in my house with my Kodak EasyShare V570 dual lens digital camera a few weeks back. All lights were turned off, the camera lens was clean and I was standing by the front entrance of the house looking into my bedro
Photo by Heather R. Breaux
MY ORBS. This authentic picture was taken in my house with my Kodak EasyShare V570 dual lens digital camera a few weeks back. All lights were turned off, the camera lens was clean and I was standing by the front entrance of the house looking into my bedro

Iíve always felt that I have carried a spiritual presence with me through out my life. Like someone or something was always watching over me, but there were never any real signs - until now.

I can remember being a kid and having a strong feeling of peace and comfort come over me when I was alone in my bedroom just thinking or taking sometime for myself.

It was a perceptiveness that I enjoyed and welcomed, but I never had any answers as to what the feeling was or where it was coming from.

Iím not an extremely religious person, so trying to figure out why I never felt alone usually scared me more than it consoled me.

I would imagine that if there was a spirit following me, then I was probably being haunted by a disgruntled phantom that never crossed over from this world into the next.

I never thought that it could be my guardian angel or angels - for that matter - until I noticed an extremely unusual image in a photograph that was taken in my new house.

Like I said, Iíve never felt alone, but the intensity of the feeling increased by a million times when I moved a month ago.

So one night, I decided to turn out all the lights and take pictures of each room just to see if there was something with me.

I started in the kitchen and made my way around the house snapping photos of the living room, the bathroom, both spare bedrooms and finally my room and the dining area.

All the pictures came back with nothing - except for the last frame I shot.

My house has a pretty open floor plan, so when standing by the front entrance you can see perfectly into the doorway of my bedroom.

And guiding the way in my last picture is a series of five, or possibly even six, perfect circles of white light - some brighter and larger than others.

Not wanting to run out onto the pavement in a shrieking disbelief, I concluded that the images must be a malfunction of the camera and chalk it up as simply nothing.

But I never deleted the picture from my camera and last week I found myself showing the photo to my mom.

Immediately and quite excitedly she says, ďYouíve got orbs!Ē

And proceeds to tell me that sheís seen images like this on television shows like the Discovery Channelís Ghost Hunters and heard internationally-known psychics like Sylvia Browne talk about out how there are chosen people who carry these orbs or spirits with them.

An orb is traditionally defined as a spherical celestial object found within the atmosphere and many skeptics state that dust or other particles can make orb-like objects appear in photographs.

But according to my own personal research, many of todayís followers and spiritualists recognize that orbs are much more than lifeless dust captured by a camera flash - they believe that these unexplained circles of light are paranormal forms, spirit guides or even angels.

Sources say that orbs are the most photographed abnormalities caught on film by ghost hunters and can be quite photogenic when they want to be - which takes me to the next part of my story.

After examining the picture even further, my mom and I noticed several shapes next to the brightest orb that looked as though they were the outlines of a face - complete with eyes, an ear and even a moustache and beard.

Further research lead me to a Web site that zeroed in on the shapes and forms of orbs.

The site stated that orbs can be completely transparent or display themselves in a bright solid form.

It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an orb because it takes less energy.

And the consensus states that spirits find it easier to take on fuller shapes other than the typical circular orbs in the winter months - mainly October through February.

Which could explain why I am now able to capture what Iíve been feeling around me on film, but thereís also another possibility.

The same Web site that talks about orbs taking larger shapes in the winter, points out that there is a difference between a ghost and a spirit.

The experts state that spirits are capable of continuing a full existence on the other side with full mental, and emotional facilities intact and only show themselves when there is a special purpose in making their presence known.

After my orb discovery, my mom called my aunt in Marrero, who is a true believer when it comes to spirits and angels, and told her what I found in my house.

To say the least, she was ecstatic and told me that every night for the past eight months she has prayed for God to send an angel to guide me through my eye surgeries and to watch over me.

So, if each orb represents an angel, then Iíve got about six protecting me. I think itís safe to say that Iím well covered.

I know that for a lot of people the thought of spirits and ghosts is a hard concept to swallow. Itís hard to believe in the unknown, but I think that sometimes itís even harder not too.

Some Web sites claim that the flash from digital cameras can cause airborne dust particles to glow and assume the shape of an orb, therefore making their appearance in photos more common.

The camera that I used to take the photos is one that Iíve had for almost a year now, and never, in any other picture, have these orbs appeared.

So, I am only left to believe that the orbs in my picture arenít part of some mechanical malfunction, but that they are simply unexplainable gifts from another world and that I shouldnít be afraid of their presence. Instead, I should be thankful and welcome them.

Am I curious to know who they are, if anyone? Of course I am, but I think that would be asking too much.

Thereís an old phrase that says knowledge is power, but is knowing who these spirits are a power I want? Maybe I should just let them be the judge of knowing the truth about the unknown.

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