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Brand new parish government ahead

Allen Lottinger -   Nov 22, 2007

St. Charles Parish government is evolving into the future like never before since 1980. Not only will we have a new parish president but every member of the council will be different.

Twenty-seven years ago when we evolved into a president-council government from the old police jury system, we didn’t have quite such a transformation since some of the jurors were elected to councilman posts. But when the newly elected president and council are seated in January, there will be no retention of seats nor assumption of other seats by incumbent councilmen.

It may not be a whole new ball game because the problems that existed in the parish will remain. And the same laws that ruled the previous administration and council will still be there to direct the new officials into which direction they may officially proceed.

We are a growing parish and it appears that much of that growth will be in the industrial sector. Plans are well underway for major new developments in Montz and Norco.
This could be good and bad - - good in that it will provide jobs and salaries for the people and bad with the possibility that increased industry has been known to increase pollution and other nuisances to peaceful living.

Which means the new administration and council will have the job of keeping St. Charles Parish a good place to live with increased opportunities of making a living while enjoying the continued serenity of a country parish where you can go out and hear the sounds of nature.

The new president and council were elected to allow our people to continue enjoying the good aspects of living here and keep away any adverse developments. By so doing, they will allow us to continue the slogan we adopted several years ago as the parish “Where There’s More to Life.”

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