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Our View -   Nov 22, 2007

As we contemplate devouring the turkey drumstick on our platter this Thanksgiving Day, we will express thanks for the many blessings we have experienced during the past year. And there have been many, indeed.

The weather was one of them. There were no hurricanes interfering with our day to day living routines. The thought of evacuating never even entered our minds.

Our parish has just about completely recovered from the debacle that came our way two years ago. And  our future looks bright with the construction of new plants on the horizon that will build our economy.

We weathered the election of a completely new parish administration and council pretty much on a friendly basis among the candidates. Though the winners have not taken office yet, they seem sincere in wanting to make the next four years the best in parish history.

Things are going better in Iraq. The public is out on the streets again, enjoying the fresh air without the fear of suicide bombers disturbing their peace every minute.

Our state should be on the verge of major developments in restoring our coast with new federal money available. We will be getting a share of offshore oil royalties on new production in the years ahead. Though it is not available yet, the money can be bonded so we can start doing the job now, which is necessary.

In another year, we will elect a new president. With the numerous debates already going on, we will have a good idea of how each candidate stands come election day.
We’re fortunate to live in this country where we are free to speak and act very much as we please. And we are blessed with the opportunity to help other countries achieve those goals.

Thank you, God, for giving us life that lets us enjoy all of these blessings.

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