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State gets national attention with election of Jindal

Allen Lottinger -   Oct 25, 2007

Louisiana got good national attention with the election of Bobby Jindal as governor. News networks played it up as an historic event.

Jindal was the first Indian-American to be elected governor in any state and the first non-white to be elected in Louisiana since reconstruction. He also will be the youngest governor in the nation at 36.

More than that, they showed Jindal guaranteeing to end corruption in government in Louisiana, not if or maybe but positively. He came out as a real reformer in a state that many people view as needing reform.

Jindalís thank you tour around the state after the victory was a welcomed aftermath to a campaign that got kinda rough.

He promised that he would unite with all the other candidates and public officials to put Louisiana on the right track for the future. After all, we are one of the richest stateís in the nation with the greatest river in the world running through us to international markets, the greatest commercial fishing estuary in the country and the servicing center for production of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico.

Itís a wonder that we havenít been able to cash in on all of those benefits in the past. Maybe the political corruption that Jindal plans to eliminate was the reason.

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