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St. Charles Herald Guide's Playmakers of the Week

Jonathan Menard -   Oct 25, 2007

Destrehan O-Line comes up big in win over East St. John

Though they have the toughest job in the sport, there isn't a group on the football field that gets less recognition than the offensive lineman.

These men have to constantly go to work against an equally large group of defensive lineman every Friday night and their only job is to pave the way for the team's "stars."

And of course, they usually only receive recognition when they make a mistake.

But that's not the case this week since Destrehan's O-line, consisting of Brian Karhs, Bobby Gorman, Andrew Blackwell, Blaine Wagner, Kyle Wagner, and Claude Sumler, are being honored by their coaches as the St. Charles Herald-Guide's Playmakers of the Week for helping the team improve to 8-0 with a 31-28 victory over East St. John.

"The O-line did a great job against East St. John, who has a pretty good defense," Destrehan head coach Stephen Robicheaux said. "They are definitely getting better and their play Friday night was a big key to us winning the football game."

Because of their play, Wildcat running back Jerico Nelson ran for 104 yards on only 17 carries, while quarterback Jordan Jefferson completed 12 of his 20 pass attempts for 189 yards and two touchdowns. Jefferson was also only sacked once in the game, which is surprising since East St. John is know to bring several defensive players on almost every play.

"East St. John is big up front and they are very physical," Robicheaux said. "Still, Jerico (Nelson) ran for 104 yards on 17 carries, which was a key to us winning the football game. In pass protection, the O-line did a great job of picking up blitzes."


Boyd has big game to lead Hahnville past Dutchtown

Hahnville’s Wendell Boyd is known throughout HHS as “Bus,” and he lived up to that nickname in his school’s 17-14 win over Dutchtown last week.

“The actual “Bus” was cool and so am I,” laughs Boyd. “So, the name fits.”

The junior recovered two faulty snaps in his teams win, which is something he has been doing since he began to gain attention as a middle school player for J.B. Martin.

“I love the game just for the fact that I am able to knock people down,” Boyd said. “I don’t think there are too many things better than a contact sport.”

Boyd’s inspiration has come from his grandmother Irene Boyd and because of her he has never given up.

“I’ve been playing football my whole life, from the point where I could throw a football and catch a football,” he said. “I’ve never stopped.”

Boyd now hopes to play for Alabama State one day and he also wants to lead the team in tackles by the end of the season. And while he says he may not be the best player on the team, he just likes to help out whenever he can, even if that includes getting the crowd and his teammates pumped up during the game.”

“Something I’ll never get tired of is Tiger Pride,” Boyd said. “Coming out of the tunnel and forming a big circle and just shattering the sound barrier with our yelling is really something.

“This team has an overwhelming bod and it shows during Tiger Pride in the Jungle.”

Something else Boyd can’t get enough of his smiling when he lays out an opposing player.

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