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Hahnville reverend warns of The Last Days on earth in his new book

Shonna Riggs -   Jun 14, 2007

FINAL TOUCHES. Rev. Rodney Johnson, above, displays his book, The Last Days.
Photo by Shonna Riggs
FINAL TOUCHES. Rev. Rodney Johnson, above, displays his book, The Last Days.

Rev. Rodney Johnson, 49, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Hahnville, held a book signing Saturday, June 2, to encourage the public to read his new book, The Last Days.

The publishing company sent Johnson 500 copies of the book and 350 have been sold since the first four days of the book’s release.

This is Johnson’s second book in six years.

“It took me about two and a half years to complete this novel, which focuses on the complacency of people not preparing for their last days on earth,” Johnson said.

“Hurricane Katrina revealed the nonchalant attitudes of people and how unprepared they were when the greatest storm to hit the coast of Louisiana devastated lives,” he continued.

“I predict that when God returns people will be equally unprepared.”

Johnson submitted his manuscript of the book in December 2006 and Holy Fire Publishing Company, in Summerville, South Carolina notified him that they would publish the book.

“I was very excited when I got the news that my second book was going to be published,” he said.

“The world is filled with spiritual unrest and people wandering from church to church confused and lost,” he said.

“I’ve been preaching for 38 years and I can see the changes in the faith of people.”

Johnson’s latest novel encourages everyone to be prepared for the coming of Christ, through living a lifestyle that follows the principles and teaching of God’s word.


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