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HHS Sports Week with Megan Waters

Megan Waters -   May 17, 2007

Track and Field

Season Update: At the Louisiana State University Outdoor State Track Championship, the HHS Tigers took home 9th place within the entire state.

That accomplishment not only beat individual records set by athletes, but also placed them higher than last year’s rank at 12th place.

Many competitors placed high in their events with a state champion, Kyla Thomas, in the 100-meter hurdles.

Her dedication and hard work paid off in the tournament when she beat 30 other contenders in her event.

Hot Hands: Aside from Kyla’s big win, other winners where Teneisha Steib with 4th place in the long jump and Keira Davis won 4th place in the discus.

Sparkplug: Constance Mitchell won 5th place in the 100-meter dash.

Coaches Reflections: The season ended on a very positive note for the Tiger track team, with an advancement in the state rank.

“Next year we are going to be a young team, but we still have high expectation for the athletes to do their best, as always,” says Coach Ken Oertling.

Up Next: Indoor track will be the next event for the athletes to get some extra practice in before the district matches begin in the fall.

Congratulations and good luck to all the athletes who gave it their all.

Boys Basketball

Season Update: Spring training is in full swing for the Tigers, and they are in preparation for the summer leauge starting the first week in June.

After the final game of the season, the Tigers began a whole new training regimen in order to have a full advantage in their new district.

All players have returned to the team along with a few new-comers, all of whom are expecting a huge turn out.

Hot Hands: Returners Jarrell and Jarred Kenzy and Laron Byrd have high hopes for this season’s district play. And after weight training for seven weeks, the guys are ready and able to make that slam dunk in the kick-off game of the year.

Sparkplug: The freshmen team is looking to have another successful season, and Coach Lumar feels that because the team last year was less experienced, they will come out on the court knowing what is being expected of them this season.

Up Next: Summer camps, summer leauge games, and practices are what the Tigers are looking forward to this summer. Schedules will be coming soon.

Girls Basketball

Season Update: Taking no time off between seasons, the girls are hitting the courts hard to get some college playing time. This summer instead of hosting the summer leauge, the Lady Tigers’ varsity team will attend many college team camps in order to gain some college exposure and maybe even get their names in with some big time basketball coaches.

Hot Hands: The varsity girls team will have their hands full after having weight training, afternoon practices, and attending three college team camps, one at SLU, Tulane, and possibly one in Mississippi.

Sparkplug: For the younger JV players, they will not be left behind from getting some playing time. The JV Lady Tigers will host games agianst Chappelle, HL Bourgeois, and Thibodaux. They will also participate in the Helen Cox summer basketball leauge.

Up Next: Games will be held in the gym on May 30 at 6:00 p.m. for a pick-up game.


Season Update: The spring season is just beginning for over 100 anxious athletes who are attempting to make it on the elite Hahnville Tiger football team. With grueling afterschool practices and weight training schedules, the boys are in for an exciting season of sweat, blood and tears. All this is preparation for the summer camp which takes place during the first week of August. There the boys will sleep, drink, eat, and play football.

What to Look For: Coach Lou Valding gave the inside scoop as to what makes a strong football team. First priority is to replace the lost seniors and have their spots filled. Then to evaluate all players to make sure they are in the right position for the maximum performance. Third, and finally, build depth in all areas of the team in order for players to excell and perfect their game.

Up Next: May 17th is the day to remember when our purple and gold will take on Rummel in an opening scrimmage at 4:30. This will build team unity, find loop wholes in the line up, and to see where are big scorers are.


Season Update: Only having one senior leaving the squad, the Lady Tigers are expecting another dominant season even with the district change. All players are healthy and raring to go with summer camps, morning and afternoon workouts, and pick up games all summer.

Hot Hands: Returning seniors are all practicing and hoping for another district win and advancing far in the play-offs.

Up Next: In mid- June the Tigers will host the coaching staff of Ole Miss.

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