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Paul Hogan in race for SCP council seat

Shonna Riggs -   May 03, 2007

Photo courtesy of Paul Hogan
Photo courtesy of Paul Hogan

Paul Hogan, right, a civil engineer from Des Allemands, has announced his candidacy for the St. Charles Parish Council's 4th District seat, currently held by his second cousin, Derryl Walls.

Hogan hopes to improve his community by ensuring Des Allemands residents are provided adequate flood protection, improvements to the levee maintained by the Sunset Drainage District, and to complete the building of a recreational park for families in the area, a battle he’s been fighting for the past four years.

“My second cousin, Derryl is the councilman right now and I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints from residents that when they go to him about a problem they are having, he doesn’t respond,” Hogan told the Herald-Guide.

“If elected, I will answer any question a resident asks, and if I don’t know the right solution, I will make every effort to find it,” he continued.

Hogan has concerns that a gap located between the railroad tracks and the bayou area in Des Allemands needs to be filled for flood protection.

“Some residents complained that by building a flood wall in the area, they wouldn’t have access to the bayou and they would no longer be able to have a clear view of it,” Hogan said.

“But now with the marsh fading away, residents need the protection,” he continued.

Hogan said he will challenge the councilman-at-large to the job they were elected to do.

“If I’m elected, I will challenge the councilman-at-large to listen to the needs of the people in all districts,” he said.

“Sometimes a councilman doesn’t go along with what his residents want or what may be in their best interest,”

“Then it’s up to the councilman-at-large to take control of the situation and override that councilman and do what the people want done for their community,” Hogan continued.

Hogan said people will always know where he stands on every issue and he will uphold the parish’s charter.

“I will enforce all the parish’s ordinances (rules) as they were meant to be, irrespective of who you are or who you represent,” he said.

“Even though it may not be popular to vote in accordance with our laws, I will,” he said.

“I’m of the opinion that it’s better to change the law if the law is inadequate than to vote for something that contradicts our own laws,” he said.

“As councilman, I will respond to every letter and phone call in a timely manner,”

“I will bring honesty, integrity, persistence, and dedication to this position.” he continued.

The election for St. Charles Parish Councilman will be held October 30, 2007.

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