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Ask Nattie
I want to make sure I wow my prom date
Nattie Swan -   Apr 05, 2007

Dear Nattie: My high school prom is right around the corner and I am SO nervous.

I have never felt pretty and I want to impress my date.

My mom is going to do my makeup and hair - and thatís great for the prom.

But I feel like I am using her as a crutch.

I want to be able to look pretty all the time but I don't to always rely on my mother.

What should I do? - Masked in Montz

Dear Masked: Youíre not the only nervous kid out there - I know some who are still looking for limos and restaurants.

I donít think youíre using your mom as a crutch.

It is part of her duty as a mother to help you get ready for one of the biggest nights of your life.

As for looking your best all the time, ask her to teach you how to apply makeup correctly or check out a book from the library.

You can learn a lot about makeup application on your own.

Iím buddies with my best friendís enemy

Dear Nattie: Here's my problem. My best friend was arguing with this girl that we go to school with over something really silly and I backed her up by telling her that I didnít like this person either.

Well, in English class the other day we had to work in groups and my friendís enemy was in my group.

We started to talk and I realized that I really liked her and we have become friends.

Later, I told my best friend that I was now friends with her arch rival - and she said that I couldn't be her friend if I was friends with the other girl. What should I do?

- Torn in Destrehan

Dear Torn: I love the fact that your "friend" wants to make you choose. It is so classic.

Anyway, I think it is not fair for your friend to demand that you choose between the two of them just because they don't like each other.

Apparently, the other girl does not have a problem with the fact that you are her enemy's friend, so why does your "friend" have a problem with it?

I'm not saying not to choose, Iím just also saying that you shouldn't be forced to. Bring that up with your "friend" and see how she feels about it.

Nattie Swan is St. Charles Parishís best new advice columnist for kids and their parents. Let her help you. Send questions to

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