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HHS Sports Week with Megan Waters

Megan Waters -   Mar 22, 2007

Lady Tigers LeAnna Olevia Wilson and Brittany Raymond pass the baton in the Sugar Bowl Classic track and field competition.
Photo by Ellis Alexander
Lady Tigers LeAnna Olevia Wilson and Brittany Raymond pass the baton in the Sugar Bowl Classic track and field competition.


Season update: Hahnville's golf team hosted E.D. White and Terrebone at the Willowdale Country Club in a scramble on March 22. Hahnville won the match over both teams and had some all-time low scores as well.

Hot hands: Andrew Noto had a sweet swing on the course and played with poise on the green. His performance contributed to the big ‘W’ in Thursday's match.

Sparkplug: On the girls' side, Annie Kinler perfected her game to bring the girls team in the lead for the day.

Overall record: The Tigers traveled to Sulfur for their annual golf tournament and placed 4th out of 25 teams. Overall winner: University High.


Season update: On Thursday, March 22, the Lady Tigers played St. Charles Catholic, but fell short on home turf.

Hot hands: Meghan Vial, senior, kept the home plate guarded as best as she could during the innings. She showed excellent leadership abilities when the girls were in a bind.

Sparkplug: Jessica Cancienne, sophomore, tried to keep the game alive with quick outs at first and second in the first inning.

What needs work: For the girls, communication seemed to hurt their game. Calling for the ball or calling the play for simple outs were minor errors that hurt the Lady Tigers in the long run.

Overall record: Before going into the DHS Softball Tournament, March 23-24, the Lady Tiger's record is 6-1-2.


Season update: After a big win for the Lady Tiger track team in the Don Raymond Relays, the boys and girls competed in the Sugar Bowl Invitational track meet Friday, March 23 and the girls placed 3rd overall, 2nd in the 800-meter dash and 2nd in the 1600-meter dash.

Hot hands: Brittany Raymond, senior, has had excellent work ethics in practice that in turn leads to perfect technique on the track. She is a great role model for the younger athletes to follow for success in the future.

Sparkplug: Marcus Campell, senior, took first place in the triple jump in the Don Raymond Relays and has been hard at working preparing for his next gold medal.

What needs work: Since HHS competed against some of the best track teams all over the south, the relay teams needed work on relay exchanges in order to save time in the race. "Exchanges are costing us too much time, they can be better," says Coach Oestriecher.


Season update: On Friday, March 23, the Tigers played St. Charles Catholic in déjà vu to the girls' game and the score was 7-2, HHS winning.

Hot hands: All week the boys have been practicing hard to improve district standings, which startd Saturday, March 24. All members of the team have been pulling their weight and will soon pay off to the boys in a sound victory during district.

What needs work: "Even through adversity, we pulled through and found a way to win," says senior, Taylor Domagneaux about the last tournament the Tigers played in.

Up next: Big game for the Tigers coming up on March 31 against rival DHS on Wildcat territory. Before that district begins with games against East St. John, West Jeff, and John Ehert, look for scores for those games in next week’s issue.


Season update: Hahnville, 5, beat CC Morgan, 4, in a tough match for district play. When a first seed player wasn't able to attend the match, all players got bumped up a seed to take on a higher ranked competitor, but all girls played through the difference and came out on top.

Hot hands: Amber Cortez, senior, was a true leader on the court after her match, and supported her team the entire time. She played first seed player from CC Morgan and adjusted well to the change.

Sparkplug: Kelsie Soudelier, junior, has stepped up her game this season and has been a big factor in the outcomes of the matches. Reportedly she and Kristen Brannen, senior, have high hopes in making regional in doubles and also have the talent to do so.

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