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River Region Chamber backs SCP Schools in vote

Caleb Frey -   Mar 15, 2007

The St. Charles Parish School System is asking the voters of St. Charles Parish to approve a renewal of two (2) millages on March 31, 2007.

The first proposition s for 42.97 mills for operation of the system including teacher salaries and benefits.

The second proposition is for 4.9 mills for the maintenance and upkeep of the system's facilities. Both renewals are for ten (10) years.

The River Region Chamber of Commerce has reviewed these proposals and recommends support for both propositions.

The School System is to be congratulated for providing an educational system that is among the best in the state.

Their dedication in providing excellent educational opportunities for all students of St. Charles Parish is commendable.

The School System needs to be adequately funded to continue to provide the excellent educational opportunities that the residents of St. Charles have enjoyed.

And as these millages are funding operations and maintenance they should be approved.

While the River Region Chamber supports these two (2) propositions as written, we strongly encourage a review of the budgeting process and request that the School System finds ways to reduce spending.

We hope that the School System would look at the significant increase in the total revenue being generated and take the tough but prudent action to roll back these millage rates even if but for a short time.

Also, as responsible citizens we believe the need exists for parish-wide fiscal reform and more interagency collaboration and revenue sharing to address the prioritized needs of the entire community. The Chamber pledges its committment to work with all Parish Agencies to achieve that goal.

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