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DHS Sports Week with Nattie Swan

Nattie Swan -   Mar 01, 2007

Desty Darlings

Star Player: Brittany Walker because she organized our biggest fundraiser, the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

Spark Plug: Katelyn Benedetto always makes us laugh.

Strong Point: Talent and commitment to excellence.

What we need to work on: We need to start focusing on our long-term goal of doing our best at competition.

Boys Tennis

Star Player: Garret Ryan, the number two seed, because he is very dedicated and doing good in matches.

Strong Point: Better players are helping out.

What we need to work on: Making sure that there are enough boys show up because of the limited number of players.

Season Update: 1-1

Girls Tennis

Star Player: Kelly Carlson because of her good technique and experience, Danielle Saucier because she is fifth seed and has won all of her matches so far and has really grown since last year, and Taryn Ramsey because she is our power hitter.

Strong Point: There are a lot of players back from last year along with dedication and consistency.

What we need to work on: Conditioning

Season Update: 1-1


Spark Plug: Amanda Miller because she has been very hard working and devoted to the weight room and has greatly improved since last season.

Strong Point: So far we have had two scrimmages and we had a great showing. We defeated two good teams and the girls are starting to work together as one.

What we need to work on: Injuries and waiting for players from other sports to come back.

Boys Basketball

Star Player: After the Ehret game last week, what was said is defiantly true. We had some kids score a lot and some block shots, etc - so to say that one kid won the game would be a lie.

Spark Plug: Tim Moton because he has always been on the offense but now he is stepping up his defense.

Strong Point: Rebounds, blocking out, holding teams, and offense put backs.

What we need to work on: We have to make better decisions.

Season Update: 4-1 in district, 22-9 overall.

Coaches, players - we want your results in the Herald-Guide. Hahnville, your contact is Megan Waters. Destrehan, your contact is Nattie Swan.

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