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Whither goest the weather?

Our View -   Feb 15, 2007

Only weeks after former Vice President Al Gore released his film about how the earth is heating up, this country has had its most bitter cold winter in recent history.

Shovelling away snow from their homes has been a daily occurence for residents in many areas up north. Ground and air transportation has been brought to a halt. Businesses have shut their doors.

Is this just a diversion from the global warming trend? Or is weather just going through its natural cycles which it has done for thousands of years?

Meanwhile, just this week, our area suffered a deadly tornado that reportedly spawned around Boutte. It did no damage here but went on to Westwego and New Orleans where one person was killed and much damage to buildings caused.

So as a result, the weather has been on top of our news reports. Of course, we’re used to it since that August day in 2005 when a lady named Katrina invaded our shores, dismantled our levees and wrecked our homeland.

The weather continues to be a big news item. Unfortunately, much of it we cannot control.

But we can try to be prepared and learn as much about it as possible. And if our living habits are heating up the atmosphere as Mr. Gore claims, we have to do something about it.

Because we have learned in the last two years how fierce the weather can be.

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