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Ashton Plantation Subdivision Success Story
Shonna Riggs -   Feb 15, 2007

Greg Lier.
Shonna Riggs
Greg Lier.

After 10 years of planning, Ashton Plantation subdivision in Luling is nearly complete and lots are selling faster than the developers can prep them.

“Between January and April of 2006, St. Charles Parish Council approved 210 lots for homeowners to purchase in phases A and B of the new development, and we’ve sold all of them except three,” Gregory C. Lier, vice president of Rathborne Properties, L.L.C., told the Herald-Guide.

Lier says an additional 92 lots will be offered as part of phase C of the project and should be ready for sale in May - weather permitting.

“We’ve been getting rain and that prevents us from getting the lots ready. But once the 92 are sold, we won’t have any more lots ready for market until 2008,” Lier says.

Future projects in Ashton Plantation will include the construction of an elementary school, a recreational center, a grocery store, a dry cleaner, a bank, and possibly a drug store.

“St. Charles Parish Hospital purchased 10 acres of land in the subdivision to build an assisted living center, too,” Lier says.

Lier says the subdivision will be like a town.

“We have six or seven families living here already and more are on the way,” Lier says.

And that’s not all. The subdivision will also include a club house with a swimming pool.

“Construction will begin on the club house in March 2007,” Lier says.

Homes in the development range from $300,000 to $400,000.

They take about four months on the average to build.

“The subdivision includes nine acres of ponds to hold storm runoff and prevent flooding so there is no adverse drainage impact on surrounding neighborhoods,” Lier says.

Lier says there will be a “Parade of Homes” where everyone can come and tour the new subdivision in May.

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