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Asthma-fighting advice from a Luling doctor; breathe easier - take charge now

Shonna Riggs -   Feb 08, 2007

You can prevent asthma attacks or minimize their severity with tips from a Luling doctor.

Mohan Gandi, an allergy and asthma specialist from St. Charles Parish Community Health Center, says dust, mold and air pollutants, most notably sulfur, can trigger an asthma attack.

And you might have asthma, he says, and not even realize it.

"Any person with audible wheezing, coughing or having shortness of breath two or more times a week could be suffering from asthma," Gandi told the Herald-Guide.

The doctor says if a patient is diagnosed with asthma, “an inhaler prescribed by a physician should be used to curb inflammation.”

"Asthma patients also can make changes in their home to reduce the number of asthma attacks,” he continued.

“You should keep your house clean because asthma is triggered by dirt and mold that’s in the air or on furniture, pillows, and bed linens.

“Buy allergen-proof pillowcases, bed linens, and mattress covers to are designed to help reduce the number of dust mites. Dust mites can trigger an attack

"I don't recommend that asthma patients take over-the-counter medications,” Gandi concluded, saying they should take only those medicines that are prescribed by their doctor.

Gandi says this advice is crucial for elderly patients who are taking prescriptions for high blood pressure and heart ailments.

"High blood pressure and some heart medications contain ‘beta-blockers’ and taking certain over-the-counter cough and cold medicines while trying to treat asthma could cause a dangerous interaction," the doctor explains.

He warns all asthma patients to avoid the popular antihistamine, Benadryl.

"Taking Benadryl can break up the stuffiness in your chest, and since asthma patients have difficulty breathing anyway, difficulty in spitting up the secretions could cause an attack." he explained.

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