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Play ball!
At Destrehan High, softball, tennis, cheerleaders and dance team get down to business
Nattie Swan -   Jan 25, 2007

Photo by Nattie Swan
Photo by Nattie Swan

Softball is in full swing

Softball practice is under way at Destrehan High School and new coach Jacob Thompson has high hopes for his dedicated team.

"I am hoping to get first or second in district and then win a few playoff games and then get to the state tournament,” he told the Herald-Guide.

“The team as a whole has been very committed so far this season. They have been working out and running since October.”

The first softball game is in mid-February with the exact date to be announced soon.

Tennis starts a racket

Tennis has started at Destrehan and Coach Lamica Esteen has high hopes.

“I expect that the players will put forth all of their effort, to not only learn how to play the game better, but to win their matches,” says the coach.

“As a whole I hope for them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves but to also have a chance to get to the state championships.”

The first match is Thursday, Jan. 25 against Terrebonne at Terrebonne High School at 3 p.m.

Destys dance it up

Even after football season the Desty Darling dance team is practicing hard after school for their upcoming competition.

They are dancing to Like a Prayer by Madonna for the kick competition, and to Black Betty by Bad Company for the jazz competition.

"We want the girls to grow closer as a team and accomplish goals,” said Cristina Cavicchia, Courtney Harper and Randi Marshall.

“We also want them to get high rankings at competition and we don't want them just to win, but to prove that our hard work and dedication paid off.

“Our love for dancing can be seen throughout our performance."

Cheering loud and proud

Along with the Destys, the cheerleaders have been practicing after school for their upcoming competition on March 9 through 11.

"We expect them to try new, difficult stunts that we have never tried before, work on technique and grow closer as a squad,” said team sponsors Victoria Coleman and Michelle Caldero.

“We are building the foundation to be an elite and competitive squad next year.

“This year we are striving to perfect our existing stunts and the dances, and we are trying to give the girls a feel of what competition will be like because most of them have never attended a competition before."

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