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At the sound of the beep

Staff Report -   Jan 11, 2007

Notes that follow are transcribed from our answering machine at 985-783-8181. Got something to say? Call today.

Editor: Your story on all the new businesses coming to town gives me hope that before I die, I can do all my shopping in St. Charles Parish instead of having to drive to the city.

Editor: When it comes to crime in St. Charles Parish and also in New Orleans, the situation isnít as bad as some people want to make it out to be. Weíve been through a lot these past few years. If our law enforcement officials werenít doing their jobs, weíd really be in a mess. I feel safe.

Editor:† These days the Herald-Guide always gives me a reason to smile. I like the clever headlines and the jokes. I canít wait to get the paper each week because I know Iím going to have some fun. The stories are very informative, too.

Editor: Why donít you have a photo contest? My daughter got a digital camera for Christmas and sheís pretty good with that thing. I think a contest for local photographers would be interesting.
Editorís note: I couldnít agree more - thatís why we kicked off our new Camera Shootout 2007 photo contest, well ... last week. I encourage your daughter to enter often. Thereís $500 to be won.

Editor: Did you ever consider turning the Herald-Guide into a newsmagazine like Time or Newsweek? Itís really starting to look like a magazine and I like it.

Editor: I like the Bicentennial trivia youíve been putting in the paper. I hope people in the parish read it because most people donít know anything about our history.

Editor: We need more people like parish council member Snookie Faucheaux in public office. Snookieís got a good head on his shoulders . I like that other council member, too. His name is hard to pronouce, but I know most people call him ďRam.Ē

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