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Investigation into police credit card abuse ongoing
2 St. Charles officers arrested for fueling up personal vehicles
Kyle Barnett -   Oct 17, 2013

After the termination and arrest of two St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s deputies last week over the alleged misuse of a credit card, officials said they are investigating whether other employees have also used the cards to buy gas for their personal vehicles.

While Capt. Pat Yoes, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said it doesn’t appear that other officers took advantage of the credit cards, they are widespread throughout the workplace.

“Everybody in the department who has a vehicle has access to these cards,” he said.

Last week, Gregory Cali, 38, and Kenny Guidry, 33, were arrested after police say they used department credit cards to fill up their personal vehicles. Both men worked security details for the Sheriff’s Office at Louis Armstrong International Airport. The card that the two reportedly used was assigned to a patrol unit at the airport.

Yoes said that an internal audit revealed problems with billing on the credit card, which started an investigation.

Guidry and Cali were caught on video surveillance footage using the department card at a Shell station in Kenner, Yoes said.

According to the arrest report, Guidry bought a total of $70.20 worth of fuel for his personal vehicle on Aug. 16 and 23. Cali bought a total of $86.90 worth of fuel on Aug. 14 and 23.

The two are facing charges of malfeasance in office, theft and access device fraud.

As far as the potential of other officers using credit cards to purchase gas for personal use, Yoes said the Sheriff’s Office is currently looking into the matter.

“We are still investigating it. We don’t have anything to support that right now,” he said.

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