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How family, friends and students are helping Kyle

Shonna Riggs -   Dec 14, 2006

Loads of love in bills donated for Kyle at J.B. Martin Middle.
Loads of love in bills donated for Kyle at J.B. Martin Middle.

Kyle Bergeron has three wishes and Gwen Savoie, a close friend of the Bergeron family, has made it her mission to make them come true.

Savoie, a para-educator with St. Charles Parish Schools, tells the Herald-Guide that she learned about Bergeron’s illness from his mother and immediately went into action.
“I wanted to do whatever I could to help the family.  Kyle is so sick,” Savoie says.
“I spoke to his mother and she never asked for anything, but when we were talking about Kyle I asked her what three things did the family need.  She told me prayer, blood donations and money.  I know the family must have financial struggles, but this is the first time they have asked for anything.”
Savoie contacted the principal of the J.B. Martin Middle School, Ratford Louis.
“I told her about Kyle and his family and she told me that we would have a ‘Jean-Day’ just for Kyle and all of the money that would be collected that day would go to the family,” Savoie says.
J.B. Martin Middle School holds the fundraiser every Friday and kids pay $1 to wear jeans to school that day. Usually the money is donated and given to charity; but because of Bergeron the money was turned over to the family.
“Sometimes when someone is sick people have a tendency to turn away.  Now is not the time to do that; donate money, donate blood; pray but we must do something while the family waits on their miracle,” Savoie says.
Savoie tells the Herald-Guide that J.B. middle school has collected $542.80 and the fund contiinues to grow.
“Some students donated who didn’t even wear jeans.  One teacher,  Ms. Ruppert, donated $100 and that’s the kind of help this family needs right now,” Savoie says.
Savoie has been instrumental in assisting the family and says prayer is free and anyone can do this if nothing else.
“I know times are difficult for some people, but there is one thing we can all do.  Help his family keep up their faith and strength while they wait on Kyle’s miracle,” Savoie says.

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