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Burglar breaks into another West Bank home
9 homes have now been burglarized in less than a month
Jonathan Menard -   Jun 06, 2013

Burglar breaks into another West Bank home

Another West Bank home was burglarized yesterday, bringing the total to nine break-ins in less than a month.

The most recent burglary occurred at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday on Ellen Street in Ama. St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne said he believes the same burglar was casing homes in Mimosa Park on West Heather between St. John Street and Lakewood Drive.


“The suspect we are searching for is a white male in his late 20s to early 30s who has been seen wearing khaki pants and a polo shirt with brown hair,” Champagne said. “The vehicle is a compact silver vehicle that was spotted yesterday with no license plate. The subject could be removing the plate before he approaches his target area.”


Each of the nine burglaries have occurred during the day and the burglar has made off with electronics, jewelry and medication. Seven of the burglaries took place in Luling and two have occurred in Ama. There has also been three attempted burglaries in the Luling area.

The first two burglaries occurred during the middle of the day on Friday, May 10. One of the homes was located in the 300 block of Monsanto Drive and the second home was in the 100 block of Lakewood Drive. Both homes were entered via a rear or side door.

Items stolen included a laptop, iPad and jewelry.

Champagne said that his office received a third report of a possible attempted break-in of a townhouse on St. Maria Drive on the same day.

On Monday, May 20, two more homes in Mimosa Park were broken into between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. despite increased patrols in the area. One of the homes was in the 200 block of St. Anthony Street and the other was located in the 300 block of Wanda Street.

On Wednesday, May 23, four homes were broken into, three of which were located on Barton Avenue. There were also two attempted break-ins.

Along with the white male, a short white female was also spotted with the burglar during the May break-ins. Champagne said she acts as a lookout/getaway driver.


“It is imperative that anyone who spots this person and this vehicle approaching or walking away from a home in the middle of the day call 911 immediately. Multiple people saw this individual yesterday in both areas, and while they thought it somewhat suspicious, did not call 911.”


Champagne suspects that the burglar operates from the West Bank area of Jefferson Parish. The city of Westwego is also experiencing similar burglaries and a silver compact car has been seen at the site of those crimes.


“Residents anywhere in the Luling, Boutte, Mimosa, Willodale, Coronado, Barton and Ama areas all need to be vigilant,” Champagne said. “The perpetrator works very fast and is in and out within minutes.”

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