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HBO’s Comic Relief dialogue got a bit, well ... raw

Allen Lottinger -   Nov 30, 2006

We finally got around to watching the three-hour HBO Comic Relief program on Hurricane Katrina which we TiVoed a couple weeks ago for later viewing.

It must have been very educational to the rest of the nation, showing them what turmoil ensued here during and after the hurricane and what lies ahead for the devastated area. The purpose of it all was to raise money to help out in the rebuilding process, mainly by selling Katrina t-shirts for $30 and up.

From the look of things, it was successful in getting some funds in.

The show originated in Las Vegas but the scene was shifted to Bourbon Street for some of the entertainment.

The main stars were Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. As usual, they put on quite a show.

But beware. If you plan to watch it in the future, keep the kiddies away.

Considering who the main stars and other minor stars were, the f---, s--- and g-- d--- words prevailed throughout most of the night. After all, it was on cable so restrictions in language did not hold.

It could have been a much better show from the viewer standpoint if the language had been a bit more uplifting. Even those words that get attention at first get old after a while.

The talk was also quite political. It seems that almost every other paragraph was an insulting reference to our President and other upper level members of his administration.

But then again, what would you expect from Whoopi, Robin and Billy. There is no question who they will support in the next election.

It is a shame that entertainment has to resort to foul words and one-sided opinions. But that is the way it is in our 2006 society.

Anyhow, we thank them for their attention to the needs of our area.

And especially for the effort to let the nation know how our area is doing in the aftermath of the most devastating hurricane in history.

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