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Maybe Louisiana can turn it around

Allen Lottinger -   Mar 07, 2013

Thereís a lot going on in Louisiana politics these days. Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne is seriously planning to run for governor, as we hear. And there is obvious reason for that. He would be a likely winner.

But also, Dardenne indicated that he might consider running for U. S. Senator against incumbent Mary Landrieu. But it seems it is unlikely he would choose that route since his next step up would be from the lieutenant governorís position to governor. But it may be pressure from the Republican Party which is anxious to turn the Senate into a GOP majority and, in so doing, perhaps running the country.

If the Republicans were to turn the U. S. Senate around by winning a majority of it, President Obama would have a difficult time, indeed, in the second half of his final term if the Republicans held on to the House. His desire to make the United States a federal government-run entity would have its problems.

Many socialist countries, which have let government run its business, have had problems in the past and many have gone under. Just about all of the countries that were behind the Iron Curtain that demanded government control of everything are free enterprising now. And others that have come up later, such as China, are now accepting free enterprise as the way to help make their economies flow.

There is a necessity for government but when we rely upon it for too much, such as taking over how we run our businesses when it does not interfere with the freedom of others and in practicing our religious beliefs, it has gone too far.

If we can turn the table a bit in the way government is taking over the way we run our lives, perhaps we will be individuals once again that can run them ourselves.

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