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Vandals strike Mimosa, Bayou Gauche street signs

Jonathan Menard -   Feb 28, 2013

Vandals strike Mimosa, Bayou Gauche street signs

After several street signs were vandalized in Luling and Bayou Gauche, St. Charles Parish is asking for the publics’ help in locating those responsible.

The St. Charles Parish Public Works Department has been working to replace and/or clean multiple stop signs and speed limit signs along Primrose Drive after vandals spray painted them over the weekend.

Signs were vandalized along Primrose Drive from Valencia Drive to St. Nicholas Street. Vandals also spray painted signs in Bayou Gauche last week.

While older signs can be cleaned easily with a paint remover, replacing newer signs cost taxpayers money, according to St. Charles Parish Risk Manager Monique Granier. She said that the parish must spend $25 plus the cost of labor to change the newer, retroreflective signs. Retroreflective signs bounce light from vehicle headlights back towards the vehicle and the driver’s eyes, making the signs and markings appear brighter and easier to see and read.

Because of rampant vandalism last year, the council raised the maximum fine for injuring, defacing or destroying parish property from $100 to $500. Members of the public are encouraged to call either the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office at (985) 783-6807 or the Emergency Operations Center at (985) 783-5050 to report illegal vandalization activity on any public property.

Parish officials are also asking residents with any knowledge about the most recent incidents to call the above numbers with any information.

Additionally, any residents who live in the area of the vandalism and have surveillance cameras pointing towards the street are asked to check video from over the weekend for any unusual activity.

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