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German Coast Farmersí Market plant exchange

From staff and wire reports -   Feb 07, 2013

German Coast Farmersí Market plant exchange

The German Coast Farmersí Market will hold its spring plant exchanges on May 4 (East Bank) and May 8 (West Bank).

Plants must be well established in one-half gallon or larger containers. Botanical and "popular" name and care of plant should be included. All plants will be welcome, classic pass-alongs or not.

A special award will be given to the person who brings an old Southern hard-to-find-at- nurseries plant. Children and grandchildren will remember the plants in their grandparentsí yards, which will also become pass-alongs, so bring whatever you find interesting or wish to share. Gardeners love getting a different or unusual plant.

This is a good time to decide which plants to bring as they will be well established by exchange dates.

Participants should check in at East Bank welcome booth at 10 a.m., with plants to be exchanged at 10:30 a.m. They can check into the West Bank welcome booth at 4 p.m., with plants to be exchanged at 4:30 p.m.

Plants will be numbered and corresponding numbers placed in a hat to be drawn at exchange time. Participants should also feel free to bring cuttings or other potted plants to share. After the exchange has taken place, those wishing to do further exchanging may do so.

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