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Parish hires former St. John CAO

Kyle Barnett -   Jan 10, 2013

Parish hires former St. John CAO

Buddy Boe, though still a young man at age 27, is not a political newcomer.

The political consultant and restaurant owner who formerly served as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for St. John the Baptist Parish has been hired to replace Tim Vial as CAO for the St. Charles Parish government.

Boe said he hopes to help the parish focus on economic development and sustainability during his time as CAO.

"I plan on working with the economic development department to foster entrepreneurship improvement," Boe said. "I am supporting the local staff and community just to make sure that we are providing wealth creation."

After his first day on the job on Jan. 2, Boe said he was working with Vial to get a grasp on the position.

"Tim Vial has worked well trying to make this a smooth transition. Tim has been here and is a wealth of information," Boe said.

Boe got his first political experience at the age of 14 when he supported his uncle Nicki Monica, former St. John the Baptist Parish President and one-term state representative, for his first term as parish president.

However, Boe is perhaps better known for his connection to former St. John Parish President Bill Hubbard.

Boe campaigned for Hubbard and later worked in his administration.

At 22 years old, and a fresh graduate from Tulane University, Boe served as spokesman for the Hubbard campaign.

He would later serve as public information officer and public information director under Hubbard’s administration. Boe also became acting CAO after Hubbard’s resignation.

In addition to working with Hubbard, Boe’s political consulting company recently ran the campaign for Houma-area politician Ron Hunt as he sought to become a U.S. Representative.

Boe also attempted to follow in the footsteps of his uncle when he ran for the parish president seat in St. John, but he came in third in polling and did not make the cut for the runoff election.

As evidenced by his resume, Boe said he has always had an interest in government.

"I think government can greatly improve the life of people," Boe said. "I strive towards making government work better and more efficiently."

Parish President V.J. St. Pierre said it was Boe’s experience and attitude that ended in his selection as the parish’s new second in command.

"I received approximately 20 resumes for the position, which were narrowed down to five interviews. Based on Buddy’s previous government experience and positive relationships and involvement with governmental and community groups in the river parishes, I felt he was best qualified for the position of chief administrative officer," St. Pierre said. "A CAO has to be able to manage various departments and be able to see the big picture as it relates to the day-to-day functions of government. I have no doubt that Buddy will excel in this critical post."

On the subject of following Vial’s 32-year tenure as CAO, Boe said he can only hope to have as long of a career in St. Charles Parish.

"In politics Tim was definitely an exception in being able to go through all those administrations. Would I like to? Yes, but we’ll see what happens in three years," Boe said. "That Tim was able to make it through all of those administrations was definitely a testament to his knowledge."

Boe is currently renting a home in New Orleans, but has said that he and his wife, Courtney, are looking at real estate in St. Charles Parish.

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