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Strange bedfellows: Bush & Clinton get together
One of the more sobering aspects of our wildly political scenery has been the appearance of two ex-presidents who opposed each other appearing on the same side.
Allen Lottinger -   Nov 16, 2006

Former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton have joined forces to support many worthwhile causes, including support for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Their appearances together on television and at meetings supporting the same programs gives our political system a little depth and virtuosity.

George and Bill were in New Orleans Saturday attending the National Association of Realtors convention. Bush said Congress should follow their lead in putting political differences aside.

And Clinton added that the Republican administration and Democratic Congress should cooperate on doing the best thing, not just for hurricane relief but also on other national issues.

The Clinton-Bush campaign was not as bitter as the Congressional election campaign just past. In fact, we donít remember any campaign in which the opposing parties were depicted with such disdain.

There was some amicability between Former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter after their election. Reagan appointed Carter to do some of the important jobs during his administration.

And that is the way it should be. After the election is over, they should forget that they were opposing each other and get together on the important matters of government.

If they still disagree on just what should be done, they can bring out the good and bad points of each side and try to compromise away the bad. That is the way democratic government should work.

Letís hope we can get back to having a constructive political system in which all sides are brought out in the campaigns and then the parties work together for the betterment of the country.

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