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3,500 register for FEMA assistance in St. Charles

Kyle Barnett -   Sep 13, 2012

The Federal Emergency management Agency (FMEA) has opened a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) in Luling where St. Charles Parish residents can go for disaster relief assistance.

Already in St. Charles Parish 3,485 people registered for assistance and $513,163 has been approved for housing assistance and another $56,819 in other assistance, such as clothing expenses and vehicle repairs.

The DRC is located at the Village Square Shopping Center at 737 Paul Maillard Road Suite A in Luling. Its hours are 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

St. Charles Parish residents are encouraged to register at the DRC if they experienced property damages or other losses during Hurricane Isaac.

Margaret Broadbent, FEMA public information officer, said the most common type of aid provided right now has been housing assistance.

"Right now there is a lot of temporary housing because the houses are just destroyed," Broadbent said. "They have no place to live and so there are a lot of people that are using the temporary assistance for motels, but I think repairs are going to be the most common."

Residents who are eligible for housing assistance will receive help from FEMA in being placed in motels in the region.

Broadbent said residents should act now because registration will only be open for a limited time.

"The registration period has not closed yet," Broadbent said. "I donít know what the date is going to be for the closure. There will be a notice."

After registration, residents are assigned a registration number and a FEMA team will come and assess their damages. Since the storm, 1,000 FEMA inspectors have come into the region to provide assessments and assist those in need.

The DRC in St, Charles Parish is also working in cooperation with other agencies and non-profits that may be able to help individuals in their recovery.

"One of the important things people to know, other than the fact that they need to register with FEMA, is that even if they donít qualify for disaster assistance with FEMA, FEMA may be able to direct them to other organizations where they can get some help," Broadbent said.

Residents can register in person at the DRC or by calling (800) 621-3362 or online at

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