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St. Charles voters do their duty

Our View -   Nov 09, 2006

The election is over for St. Charles Parish, at least, and we congratulate the two winners for Congress in the districts that include parts of our parish.

Both Congressmen Bobby Jindal of the first district and Charles Melancon of the third district were selected to serve their second terms. They were representative of their constituents in their initial terms in most aspects of their service and that is why they were re-elected.

Jindal stuck to the conservative values of his Republican party. Melancon adhered to the middle-of-the-road wing of the liberal Democratic party. That was necessary for election in Louisiana which has become considerably more conservative since the days of Huey Long.

The experience and seniority gained in their first terms should help them be more effective in bringing our citizens good representation in Washington.

St. Charles voters also did their duty in voting for and against the proposed constitutional amendments. Unfortunately, our state constitution was not written in general enough terminology to let our elected legislators make many minor changes in our laws that now require constitutional amendments. Maybe someday we will learn how to do that.

But for the time being, we can enjoy a rest from the heavy campaigning that has dominated the media for the past several weeks - - until campaign time comes again next year for the parish elections. Enjoy it while you can.

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