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Jindal still on campaign trail

Allen Lottinger -   Jul 12, 2012

Gov. Bobby Jindal seems to be on the campaign trail, not for governor but for vice president by campaigning as the likely Republican nominee for President Mitt Romney. Jindal denies it but his actions so far show otherwise.

His main problem in getting the nomination for VP this year is the fact that Louisiana is clearly in the Republican column and Romney does not need his support in getting the state’s electoral votes. But he could use support from native candidates in states where the outcome is not so clear.

But Jindal is young and there are many years ahead. If he is by-passed this time, he could be a stiff opponent to Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, who will likely be up for re-election soon. And then there will be future vice presidential - and presidential - possibilities.

We suspect he will be on the campaign trail for many more years in the future. His success so far in getting support indicates he can continue to be a winner.


Huey may have

had the best idea

Maybe Gov. Huey Long had the right idea when he developed the Charity Hospital system to bring medical services to all the people. Those who could afford medical care would go to their own physicians whom they paid for services. Others would go to Charity Hospitals, which would provide very good services for nothing.

It seemed like a very smooth system provided at low cost to the patients and the taxpayers. And there were very few complaints about it.

Now it seems the medical system is in a very confusing state with Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance. And now, Obomacare threatens to complicate the future.

The medical profession admittedly now offers many services not offered in the past. But those services are not the main source of those complications. It is the introduction of government into the process that brings red tape and other detriments into the process. And that is the downfall of government. It makes the private economy operate at the wishes of government.

Socialized medicine has not seemed to work in any country that tried it. In fact, many patients preferred to go to other countries for treatment where they could get what they wanted rather that what the government demanded.

When people remain free to provide for their own needs, they are in much better hands. When the government intercedes, they sometimes get into trouble.

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