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Black, white not way to go

Allen Lottinger -   May 10, 2012

Is this going to be a black and white Presidential election?

According to polls, the black vote will go 90 percent for President Barack Obama. Of course, it is not expected that the white vote will go in the same amount for Mitt Romney.

Thereís no reason why blacks should not vote for Obama if they believe he can run the country best. And likewise, whites should honor Romney with 90 percent of their vote if he can do likewise.

But canít we get out of the black and white categorizing of our nationís population in so many of the things we do? Forget the words and replace them with "citizens of the U. S."

It seems that some whites and some blacks want to continue keeping the racial issue alive. And that is not the way to run a democracy.

We seem to have a healthy community in St. Charles Parish that is not set back with racism. It is one of our qualities of life.

We need to vote our consciences on who we think will make the best President. And likewise, we should ignore all of the other racial prejudices that exist.

Among them is the existence of universities that attract either black or white students. Right next door to each other in New Orleans, we have two universities side by side, one that is considered a black institution and the other a white institution even though there are many blacks attending it.

We could save taxpayer money by combining them and they could serve the students better by making use of one larger staff that can provide education for all of their needs on a broader basis.

Itís time to eject racism from our way of life entirely. Itís going on 200 years since slavery ended and 50 years since segregation supposedly became non-existent.

Let us forget black and white. We need to make our decisions on what is right or wrong regardless and disregard the colors.

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