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We arenít as dumb as they think

C.B. Forgotston -   Apr 12, 2012

In explaining why all elected officials, including Bobby Jindal, were exempt from the proposed 3% increase in employee contribution to the state retirement system we find:

On Thursday, John Maginnis reported:

The constitution states that the compensation of elected officials cannot be reduced during a term in office. The governorís office stated it would support amending the constitution to allow an increase in the contribution rate for elected officials.

On Friday, Bobby Jindalís spin doctor, Kyle Plotkin says:

"The governor was included last year, and weíre going to include him this yearÖ." Times Picayune, April 6, 2012.

No change was made in the constitution between Thursday and Friday, yet there is no longer a need to change the constitution as he said yesterday.

Team Jindal was no smarter Friday than it was Thursday. They merely figured out that all of us arenít as dumb as they think we are.

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