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Destrehan's Cover Girl
Local 15-year-old starts promising modeling career
Michelle Stuckey -   Mar 22, 2012

This photo of local 8th grade student Kristen Singleton was featured on the cover of CUE magazine, a Gambit production.
Photos courtesy of Megane Claire Photography
This photo of local 8th grade student Kristen Singleton was featured on the cover of CUE magazine, a Gambit production.

Kristen Singleton is like many 8th graders in St. Charles parish – she’s a member of the Harry Hurst Middle dance team and particpates in church groups.

Some might say she is just one of many pretty faces in St. Charles Parish, but Kristen has always aspired to be a professional model. And she’s on her way to having her dream come true after she was featured on the cover of CUE magazine in New Orleans last month (pictured below, far right).

Kristen caught a big break last month when she was chosen as the cover model for the magazine, which is a Gambit production.

Kristen was bitten by the modeling bug while watching her aunts, Precious Singleton and Jalacey Simon, on the runway many years ago.

"I love to be seen - I love the attention," Kristen said. "I love to smile and no matter what, I have no fear. I love to have all the attention on me."

After taking advice from friends and family who suggested that Kristen was more than just a pretty face, her mother signed her with a child modeling agency.

"Kristen has never been a stranger to the camera," Precious, her aunt, said.

From as early as 5th grade, Kristen has participated in several photography shoots and fashion shows, including the annual spring show at Walmart in Boutte and the Kennedy’s Korner annual fashion show.

When she participated in the Kennedy’s Korner show, Kristen’s mom saw that modeling was more than a passing hobby.

"It was that day when i saw the gleam in her eye as she sashayed down the runway," Robertson said. "I knew this was something that she would not grow out of, but would continue to develop a passion for."

Since then, Kristen and her mother have drive all over the state chasing her dream of being a fashion model.

"I try my best to support both my children in whatever they are involved in," Robertson said. "It’s important that they know you are supporting them no matter what…We try to instill in our children the importance of having dreams and ambitions in life. But more importantly, we strive to teach them that if there is something they truly want, they have to commit to it and pursue it whole-heartedly."

Robertson said that seeing Kristen in CUE magazine was incredible.

"Seeing Kristen’s face on the cover of her first magazine, I realize that it’s all worth it," Robertson said. "I have no doubt in my mind that this will not be her last cover - she has her whole life ahead of her with great potential and a one-of-a-kind look."

Kristen said that her modeling work would never have been possible without the support of her parents and family.

"Before all this happened in my life, my dad always called me ‘cover girl’ and always supported me in everything I did," Kristen said. "I am so blessed to have such supportive parents."

Now that she has some well-publicized photos for her portfolio, Kristen and her mother hope to sign a contract with a modeling agency in Miami and move to Florida where Kristen will be homeschooled.

"I want to move on and do more experience photo shoots," Kristen said.


Kristen is the daughter of Glenn Singleton Jr. of Ama and Kizzy Robertson of Destrehan.

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