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Spooky reason you can’t adopt a black cat in October
Get this, folks - until Nov. 1 rolls around, you couldn’t adopt a black cat in St. Charles Parish if you tried.
Heather R. Breaux -   Oct 19, 2006

Photo: Heather R. Breaux
Photo: Heather R. Breaux

And the same is true all over the United States because as a matter of policy, animal shelters don’t place black cats in October fearing creeps and idiots might hurt or torment them on Halloween.

“I can't say that we have ever had that problem in St. Charles Parish, but we stick to the policy just the same,” Jennifer King, president of the St. Charles Parish Humane Society, told the Herald-Guide.

Shelter supervisor LeAnn Matherne says she’s got 14 black cats that won’t be eligible for adoption until Nov. 1.

“If someone comes in before Halloween and wants to specifically adopt a black cat we turn them away,” says Matherne.

“We also urge owners to put all cats - regardless of color - indoors on Halloween just as a safety measure.”

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