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Mystery of the potato chip truck parked at taxpayer expense

Heather R. Breaux -   Oct 19, 2006

Mystery of the potato chip truck parked at taxpayer expense

THIS colorful potato chip truck and “rolling billboard” has been parked at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse every night for at least a week and the question we’ve gotta ask is, “Is this legal?”

And if it is legal, does that mean businesses and individuals parish-wide have the same right to park their cars and trucks on public property at taxpayer expense?

A lot of people with home-based business would like to do just that because their trucks are clogging neighborhood streets.

Carolyn Louviere, secretary for Parish President Albert Laque’s office, says she doesn’t know if it’s okay or for private parties to use the lot for personal use or not.

Tim Vial, the parish’s chief administrative officer, might have the answer. But he didn’t return telephone calls in the two days leading up to our press deadline.

Sheriff’s Capt. Pat Yoes says the truck could be towed if parish officials request it.

So the question remains: is the courthouse’s parking lot “free for all?”

Check back next week for our update.

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